Mission & Vision

This is where family happens. . .

The Mission

The Mission of Bethel Assembly is to BUILD FAMILY!
A FAMILY that; Worships God with passionately, CONNECTS in real relationships, GROWS closer to God, SERVES those in need, and will GO tell others!

The Vision

The Vision of our church is to be a Growing FAMILY of devoted Jesus followers impacting the lives of people far from God and leading them to be lifelong Christians in Clovis, Texico, Portales, Melrose, and around the world.  

So, what does this mean to you?  How does it fit into the church?

  1.  WORSHIP God Passionately: The greatest commandment that was given is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and soul. With meaningful worship experiences and bible-based teachings, the worship services of our church are designed to help you passionately Love God.
  2. CONNECT People: Likewise, the second greatest commandment is to love your neighbor. We are here for you! Through the ministries of Bethel Assembly, you will have a chance to connect with people. Join us for a “Family Meal” (Following the AM service every First Sunday of the Month), become part of a Grow Group, attend hangout events, and you will quickly realize that we are a church family of friendly, compassionate people!
  3. GROW Close to God: If you're not growing you're slowly dying. So, we have many opportunities for personal discipleship with various Grow Groups, biblical preaching, and bible studies all throughout the week. The ministries of our church are committed to helping you grow in your walk with God 
  4. SERVE Passionately: When Jesus washed the feet of the disciples in the book of John, He was teaching us how important it is to serve others. In John 13:15 He says “I have set you an example that you should do as I have done to you.” Was Jesus telling the disciples that they should simply start washing each other’s feet? No. He was showing us how to serve! You can serve in a ministry team that is part of the weekly operation of the church, and we are constantly serving the needs of people in the community - “See a Need Fill the Need.” There is room for more, come and join us!
  5. GO Tell: According to Matthew 28:19, personal evangelism and discipleship (meaning; to share our faith in Jesus with others around us and teach them to live in his way) is something that we each have been called to do. Join in one of our ministries and become equipped to go out into our community and share the good news of Jesus Christ!

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